Cisco Networking Academy held an online forum for IPD Week instructors

CISCO Education Infrastructure

On 4–8 May, listeners could attend the webinars held as part of the Cisco Networking Academy Instructors Professional Development Week (IPD Week). IPD Week is a quarterly event held by the Cisco Networking Academy to improve the skills of academy instructors around the world.

Aleksandr Gorbachev, a specialist of the NSALAB, prepared a webinar on the topic “NetDevOps Tools. Overview of the Capabilities of the pyATS Framework for Testing a CML2-Based Network” (a webinar recording is already available). During the webinar, Aleksandr covered the following topics:

  • overview of the concepts and differences of DevOps and NetDevOps;
  • basic principles and tools of NetDevOps;
  • network modeling using Cisco Modeling Labs;
  • the concept and main components of pyATS;
  • automating network health checks using the pyATS framework;
  • demonstrating the possibility of the pyATS framework on the example of an automated evaluation of one of the modules of the WorldSkills International competition task in the skill of “Network and System Administration”.