NSALAB students won gold at the EuroSkills Budapest 2018 International Competition

The NSALAB students Diana Kasabova and Vladislav Tetyushkin competed with rivals from 14 countries for the title of the best young specialists in the skill of ICT Specialists (information and communication technologies) at the 6th EuroSkills , which was held in Budapest (Hungary) on 25–29 September, as well as 600 competitor from 29 European countries.

In a hard struggle, Diana and Vladislav won the gold and made a great contribution to the overall Russian victory. For the first time, our country took 1st place not only in the team, but in the medal competition as well, winning the largest number of gold medals among all the 29 participating countries.

Finalists of ICT Specialists skill

“It was a very difficult competition. Unfortunately, not all on-site experts manage to finish their work in time, which decreases the quality of the assessment”, comments Aleksandr Gorbachev, an expert from Russia in this skill and the NSALAB head. “Our guys worked hard and througt all possible options. Not every medal has seen such rigorous fight. A lot of aspects of the competition task changed right on the spot, so I also express my gratitude to my colleagues Ruzil Mukhametov and Ruslan Gasseev for their technical and moral support. After this victory, we can safely say that we have not just won the gold, but that we are truly the first”.

NSALAB has been showing high results at international competitions for the second year in a row, thanks to their systematic training.