Infrastructure and development organization of test project for the WorldSkills International 2019 Competition

WorldSkills Cloud Computing NETWORK AND SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION Information security Infrastructure AWS
Tomorrow, 27 August, we will see the closing ceremony of WorldSkills International in Kazan, where we will hear the competition results and the names of the strongest representatives of 56 skills. However, we already know how the NSALAB performed there:
  • Participation in the development of the test projectc: NSALAB specialists developed one of the modules of the test project for the skill of “Information Security”, which was available remotely on the laboratory’s private cloud, as well as a quarter of the test project for the skill of “Network and System Administration”.
  • Automated deployment of pre-configured workplaces: a centralized infrastructure of the competition platform of the “Network and System Administration” skill was organized, which allowed automatically deploying pre-configured workplaces of the participants every competition day for more than a hundred units of active network equipment.
  • Using the NSALAB private cloud: the NSALAB private cloud provided remote access to the test project developed by the laboratory, and in order to avoid creating unequal conditions for the competitor (due to the AWS platform being blocked in some places), the infrastructure of the competition platform for the “Cloud Computing” skill was integrated into the infrastructure of the laboratory's virtual private networks.

Thanks to the diligent preparation and well-coordinated work of the NSALAB specialists Ruslan Gaseev and Ruzil Mukhametov, as well as Aleksandr Gorbachev, the head of the laboratory and an expert from Russia in the skill of “Network and System Administration”, and Mikhail Grigoriev, an expert from Russia on the skill “Cloud Computing”, the competition sites worked smoothly, and the modules of the tasks became a fair test for the participants.