Our team was among the top-3 winners of the project “Knowledge Management and Capacity Building in Russia–UNDP Partnership”

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has supported the NSALAB team’s application to implement a project of an inclusive digital environment for advanced training in the field of modern information technologies in the Republic of Belarus in cooperation with the Francysk Skaryna Gomel State University.

This project aims at creating sustainable conditions for professional development of IT. The expected project results should provide additional opportunities to ensure equal access to advanced training and professional retraining in the field of modern information technologies, as well as increase the confident possession of practical ICT skills for employment and entrepreneurship.

“Together with the colleagues from Francysk Skaryna Gomel State University, we plan to review the current educational and professional standards for IT specialists, to assess the gap with the modern requirements on the labor market in Belarus, and to implement short educational tracks aimed at filling these gaps”, says the head of the project team, AleksandrAlexander Gorbachev.

The project team notes that an important difference between such an environment and existing analog platforms is the use of modern standards for independent qualification assessment: the users of the digital platform should be able to pass comprehensive practical exams on working in modern virtual environments using various scenarios close to production, the results of which will be evaluated automatically.

“We cannot but notice that education in the digital space is becoming increasingly popular among all groups of the population. However, existing solutions rarely provide sufficient control of the acquired knowledge. Traditionally, to ensure such control, human participation is necessary, which often prevents students from undergoing such training at their own pace. In ICT, there are enough tools to ensure such control of knowledge and verification of the acquired qualifications automatically”, AleksandrAlexander Gorbachev says.