Automatic evaluation of the skills-based demonstration

The NSALAB team conducted the first pilot testing of their solution for automatic evaluation of the skills-based demonstration exam during the final state certification of students at Kotlas Electromechanical Technical School, majors in 09.02.06 “Network and System Administration”.

The task infrastructure was provided to students on the platform of the NSALAB Learn educational ecosystem according to the evaluation documentation v. 1.1, with the ability to independently select a number of operating systems for the deployed virtual machines.

The automated evaluation solution is designed on the basis of the Cisco pyATS framework, so it is fully compatible with an isolated virtual infrastructure and does not require a special dedicated management network to access the virtual machines being tested, and also provides for possible variability in the choice of operating systems. The accuracy of the automatic evaluation results was controlled by a group of evaluating experts and currently stands at more than 90%.

The NSALAB team expresses great gratitude to the teacher of the disciplines of the professional cycle of the Kotlas Electromechanical College, Kirill Evgenievich Fedotov, for the invaluable methodological and organizational contribution to this event.