“Competition Infrastructure” as a service

Glasgow, Scotland, hosted the selection for the UK national team in the skill of “Network and System Administration”, which will take part in the WorldSkills International 2019 Competition. Vladislav Tetyushkin, an NSALAB student, and a candidate from France also took part in this selection for training purposes.

For this competition, NSALAB specialists not only developed one of the modules of the test projectc, but also tested a new infrastructure “delivery” system that helps with remote launch of a test project.

“We are actively helping our colleagues from other countries in developing tasks for their competitions, but until now, the process of connecting to our infrastructure directly at the venue required our personal presence”, says Aleksandr, the head of the laboratory. “Even though my trip had to be canceled at the last moment, we could not let our colleagues down, and in a short time we had to launch a system, which helped them to access the infrastructure of our assignment easily and effortlessly”.

The pilot testing has been a success, but the laboratory experts have yet to carry out a number of qualitative improvements so that the system can scale to a much larger number of users.

“In the future, this approach will help to significantly reduce the capital and operating costs of hosting competitions and skills-based demonstration exam in IT areas”, says Ruslan Gasseev, an expert at the laboratory.