NSALAB specialists share their experience with colleagues from other countries

WorldSkills Cloud Computing Education AWS
Another demo competition on the Cloud Computing skill was held at the Waikato Institute of Technology (Witec) 8–11 October as part of the New Zealand WorldSkills competition.

Together with the hosts, representatives of other countries participated in the competition, including Diana Kasabova, an NSALAB student. Aleksandr Gorbachev, the head of NSALAB, and Mikhail Grigoriev, the laboratory's expert in this skill, worked as experts at the event.

“For three days, participants had to deploy three different architectures for cloud applications. We evaluated their results by the criteria of high accessibility, fault tolerance, security and scalability“, comments Joe Fontes, the developer of the competition task, an architect of cloud solutions at the Amazon Web Services platform. “For test project by the WorldSkills International standards, we used the AWS Gameday gaming platform, which was developed to test the skills of employees who come to work with us as architects”.

Earlier in May of this year, an NSALAB student participated in the pilot launch of the Cloud Computing skill at the competition in Ireland. The test project has not changed, but there have been significant improvements in the approach to checking the work of participants.

“This is a very vivid demonstration of what happens when a large international company organizes the skill task at an international competition. An interesting format of secret assignments, an understandable system of preparation and deployment by authorized educational institutions and academies. However, it is necessary to adjust the expert work and evaluation process, since there were too many open formulations in the task”, notes Aleksandr Gorbachev, the head of the NSALAB. “Of all those present (except for us), no one has sufficient experience of participating in WorldSkills competitions and has no idea what controversial situations may arise on the spot in conditions of fierce competition. Therefore, our work as experts consisted precisely in showing colleagues what controversial formulations may arise in the assignment and evaluation scheme, as well as giving recommendations on how to eliminate these problems”.

NSALAB monitors the development of technologies and trains qualified specialists with knowledge in the areas in demand. That is why Diana Kasabova and the laboratory head Aleksandr Gorbachev went to New Zealand almost immediately after a week of intense struggle and a resounding victory for NSALAB students — Diana and her partner Vladislav Tetyushkin — at the EuroSkills 2018 competition in Budapest.