NSALAB listener wins gold at WorldSkills International

Leonid Shmakov, an NSALAB student, won gold at the WorldSkills International in the skill of IT Network Systems Administration, competing with rivals from 28 countries.

“Such a high result was achieved with hard work, but it was a team effort”, comments Aleksandr Gorbachev, an expert from Russia in this skill. “While I was busy evaluating and protecting our interests on site, a whole team of coaches worked with Leonid. It was thanks to such teamwork that we managed to improve our performance compared to previous international competitions”.

Laboratory experts Mikhail Fuchko, Ruslan Gasseev and Ruzil Mukhametov were engaged in preparation for international competitions, while also supporting Leonid during the competition.

After two months of laborious preparation at NSALAB, Leonid Shmakov showed an excellent result at the 44th WorldSkills Competition in Abu-Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, which lasted till 19 October. The competition brought together 1,300 young professionals from 75 countries participating in the international movement.

Thanks to the organization of an effective training ecosystem, the NSALAB trains qualified specialists who are able to compete in the international IT arena. The gold of WorldSkills International in the skills of IT Network Systems Administration, won by Leonid Shmakov, is the result of the work of the entire NSALAB team.