The Canadian team of experts and NSALAB exchange their experience in the skill of “Network and System Administration”

The Canadian team of experts use innovative methods to organize competitions in the skill of “Network and System Administration”, while adopting the NSALAB's successful experience of organizing remote competitions.

On 28 and 29 May, the 25th Skills Competencies Canada was held in Halifax (Canada) with the purpose of selecting young professionals to the Canadian national team to participate in the WorldSkills International Kazan 2019.

NSALAB specialists participated in the development of evaluation criteria and infrastructure development for the “Network and System Administration” skill at the Canadian National Competition. The joint work of experts from different countries is very important, since information technologies are rapidly developing and require new methods of organizing competitions.

“The team of experts in the skill of ‘Network and System Administration’ at Skills Competencies Canada is one of the best I had to work with”, comments the head of the laboratory Aleksandr Gorbachev . “A lot of innovative approaches in the history of this skill come from their side, but they are no less eager to adopt successful experiences of other countries (in this case, ours) in organizing their competitions”.

The NSALAB team is ready to cooperate with experts from other countries to promote and develop IT education, prepare young professionals for competitions and improve the events' quality.