Using NSALAB Learn as a tool for competitive events

The qualifying competition of young professionals in the skill of “Network and System Administration” was hosted on the NSALAB Learn and NSALAB Cloud platforms.

The competition task was posted on the NSALAB Learn platform, the access to which was provided to the participants of each track on the introductory day, when they got to know the website's infrastructure.

On that day, they were also asked to independently build an infrastructure for emulating network environments from scratch on the NSALAB Cloud platform, which was generated automatically for each participant the next day — when the participants solved a competitive troubleshooting task in the information infrastructure.

The qualifying competition for the right to participate in the Final National Competition of Young Professionals was held in Yekaterinburg at Popov Ural Radio Engineering College on 11–17 April 2022. Competitors from 51 Russian regions took part in the event.