Successful testing of new methods for assessing professional qualification

Our team has won another technological victory at the Final “Young Professionals” National Competition in the “Network and System Administration” skill.

A new test project format has been successfully implemented, which provided the tasks as formulated “by the client” in the form of a general (end-to-end) technical task, with the possibility of a free choice of tools to achieve the defined objectives.

During the competition, the participants solved the following tasks:
  • information infrastructure commissioning;
  • infrastructure audit and troubleshooting;
  • application deployment and basic audit automation.

The automatic functional testing conveyor for evaluation has been successfully put into operation, which can increase the objectivity of the evaluation itself, as well as significantly save experts’ time.

For the first time, participants were given free access to the Internet for reference purposes, which freed them from the need of having encyclopedic knowledge and memorizing the only correct solution.

For the first time as well, the infrastructure of the test project was completely located on the public cloud, which has significantly reduced capital costs for the purchase of expensive equipment and its logistics in addition to eliminating the risks of the equipment’s failure.

This transition aided in successful testing of the “infrastructure as code” concept for the automatic deployment of the necessary resources for all participants in a short time (up to 1 hour for each competition day) and in eliminating human errors that could create unequal conditions for the participants.

The participants perfectly demonstrated their technological skills, as well as their erudition when allowed to choose suitable tools, while observing the imposed restrictions. Special thanks are due to the experts who have provided feedback on further work on the competition assignment formats and methods of for evaluation.