Gold and bronze at the international Global Skills Challenge 2019 Competition

WorldSkills Cloud Computing NETWORK AND SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION Infrastructure
The NSALAB students have shown their mastery of two IT skills at once.

Vladislav Tetyushkin and Diana Kasabova took part in the Global Skills Challenge, held in Melbourne, Australia, where they won gold and bronze medals for the skills of “Network and System Administration” and “Cloud Computing”, respectively. More than 500 people from 16 countries competed in 24 skills.

NSALAB students have been proving their skill of “Network and System Administration” for several years and every time they show high results thanks to the teamwork of laboratory experts and honed training methods. At the Global Skills Challenge, Vladislav's main rivals were competitor from China, Brazil and Canada.

Winners in the “Network and System Administration” skill

In addition to preparing the national team, the NSALAB specialists have also developed one of the modules of the competition task with automated verification, which ran remotely on the laboratory infrastructure.

“I would like to express my great gratitude to the colleagues and the event organizers, as the meeting in this format gives a very fruitful result”, comments Aleksandr Gorbachev, the NSALAB head. “We have not only developed a series of proposals to improve the methodology for checking the test project for the World Competition, but we have also had an opportunity to once again test the accessibility of our infrastructure from one of the most remote corners of the planet. I would like to emphasize that the management of WorldSkills Australia appreciated our methodology for hosting IT skills competitions remotely and expressed a desire to continue cooperation on this topic”.

The “Cloud Computing” skill is relatively new for international competitions. The laboratory began developing this area of professional training in 2018, and it already has the first results — a bronze medal won by Diana, a student of the laboratory. She was rivaled by competitor from Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand and Ireland.

The winners of the “Cloud Computing” skill

“Even though it is the first World Competition for this skill, there is already great rivalry”, says Mikhail Grigoriev, an expert from Russia on Cloud Computing. “Among the competitor at this event we could also see production engineers who have been working in the field of Cloud Computing for several years. This fact, undoubtedly, adds value to our result”.

It is worth noting separately that Diana Kasabova became the winner in the Best of Nation nomination, showing the highest result among all the competitor of the Russian team.