Cisco Networking Academy 2020 Virtual Forum

CISCO Infrastructure Education
On 27–29 April, the Cisco Networking Academy 2020 Virtual Forum was held — an event aimed at the Russian-speaking NetAcad community and everyone interested in the development of education in the field of information technology.

The head of NSALAB, Aleksandr Gorbachev, held a webinar on “Infrastructure as Code” (the webinar recording is already available), where he demonstrated the capabilities of Ansible for managing the configuration of network infrastructure, covering the following topics:

  • what “infrastructure as code” is like, the basic principles and mechanisms for maintaining the characteristics of the system;
  • modern tools for information infrastructure configuration management;
  • what Ansible is and some examples of network configuration management using Ansible;
a case in point — deployment of the infrastructure for the WorldSkills International test project in the skill of “IT Network Systems Administration”.