NSALAB training in preparation for WorldSkills Hi-Tech at SIBUR’s site in Tomsk

NSALAB conducts training for candidates for the SIBUR national team to participate in the WorldSkills Hi-Tech competition and for the experts whose task will include independent judging at the event.

The purpose of the training is to improve the specialists' skills by the WorldSkills standards and, in general, to increase their professional level by the best Russian and international training practices.

“Contemporary Russian education in technical specialties sets a high bar, the same high standards are followed at the WorldSkills competitive program. Training for and participation in the competition provides a good opportunity for specialists to expand their area of competence. Colleagues will be able both to apply new skills in their work and to broadcast them through the coaching direction at the SIBUR Institute of Key Users”, explains Vladimir Lobanov, a leading specialist of the IT and Digital Skills Development Department.

As part of the training, potential WorldSkills Hi-Tech participants undergo professional diagnostics, the purpose of which is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of network and system administration specialists in various technological areas. Then they remotely, using the NSALAB infrastructure, perform WorldSkills tasks. The final module is a competition rehearsal. Following the results, potential participants receive recommendations on the development of their strategy for performing the competition tasks.

“The ‘Network and System Administration’ direction resembles the high-performance sport in many ways — test projectc incorporate a very wide range of technologies that not many specialists deal with individually in their daily practice”, explains Aleksandr Gorbachev, the head of the Laboratory. “Participation in the competition is a kind of breakthrough. And each participant, if motivated, can gain unique experience from the competition and expand their IT erudition. Having been trained, immersed in the competition tasks, specialists will be able to effectively solve related tasks, consult their colleagues and connect to experts from other IT areas”.

One of the NSALAB's tasks is to prepare participants for Russian and international WorldSkills competitions. Its staff includes gold medalists of national competitions and specialists in network administration, cloud computing and information security, while NSALAB students are members of the WorldSkills Russia team, who have represented our country at the international level.